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Regional Science City
Regional Science City, Lucknow -   Information & Guide- Lucknow Science City- Science Centre

Lucknow is now a centre of Science. The city can proudly boast of scientific activities and research owing to the number of existing Scientific Institutions. Now visitors, people of Lucknow  and Tourists coming to Lucknow can see, feel and get answers for all their queries about science. 

The Regional Science City (RSC), built at a cost of Rs 9.7 crore, designed and developed by the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), spread over 4,000 square metres,  is probably the first science city in the country to have a gallery on human behaviour with exhibits showing latest technologies in science, bio-technology, agriculture and human behaviour.

Students get fully interactive environment and interesting ways to learn the principles of Science so that their vision is enhanced in addition to quizzes and interactive sessions that make learning more interesting here. Regional Science City is a boon for both teachers and students. Schools should encourage students to visit the Science City.

RCS in fact help us to keep ourselves abreast with the changing trends and develop reasoning and scientific devotions among students. 

Information on Timings, Entry Tickets


1. General Visitor  Entry Ticket: Rs. 15/-
3D Studio: Rs. 10/-Space Theater: Rs. 30/-
Total Package: Rs. 50/-

2. Students Entry Ticket : Rs. 10/-3D Studio: Rs. 5/-Space Theater: Rs. 20/-Total Package: Rs. 30/-

3. Free Entry to the children below 5 years

Vehicle Parking Four Wheeler : Rs. 10/-Two Wheeler : Rs. 5/-Bicycle: Rs. 2/-

Location of Regional Science City: It is situated in well known locality Aliganj.  

Address :   Sector -E (Ekta Vihar)   Aliganj , Lucknow-226024 (U.P.) ,India

Contact Phone Number : +91 (0522) 2321804

TIMINGS of Regional Science City is 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.  (Open everyday excluding Holi & Diwali)

Attractions -
Scimax Show: A Scimax Show on the living sea, a film tracing the relationship of manwith sea, is shown daily in the Scimax Hall at the Regional Science City. This Scimax Hall is equipped with astrovision-70, an equipment used in modern world for projection of large format film. Since the ocean covers 70 per cent of earth's surface with an average depth of two miles and produces most of earth's oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide it becomes an endeavour to trace the beauty of unspoiled healthy oceans. Scimax Show is most wonderful experience for children and adults as well.Visitors feel natural and real ocean life in the Show. Please do not forget to watch this Scimax Show in the Regional Science Center, Lucknow. It is fun, amazing and thrillingexperience. Please note the time of show when you visit the Regional Science City, Aliganj, Lucknow

3-D Show

During your visit, please do watch 3-D Show organised by RSC. It is most interesting show and amuses children.

Science Park
Learning while playing:Spread over five and half acre of lush green beautiful landscape provides the students to play with a number of outdoor exhibits on physical science and live tender animals. It is something that children enjoy in RSC.

What's New :

A new Scimax show  on 'Dolphins' was  inaugurated on 3rd July, 2010. This is a Presentation of about 40 minutes large  documentary on  importance of Dolphins and their intelligence.  For information about Scimax shows, you may contact Regional Science City, Lucknow or on Tel. No. 2321804 & 2327833.
Explore  in Exhibition Halls:

1. Aquamobile
2. Biotechnological Revolution
3. Being Human
4. Fluidics
5.Fun Science
6.Ganga: The Story of Water
7.Meri Anokhi Duniya
8. Popular Science
9. Underwater Exploration
10.Wonder World of Materials
Contact Regional Science City, Lucknow : 

Phone: +91-522-2327833
Email: ;

Why should you and children visit Lucknow's Science Park -It is learning while playing. Spread over five and half acre of lush green beautiful landscape, Lucknow Science Park provides the students facilities to play with a number of outdoor exhibits on physical science and live tender animals. There is something more that children enjoy in RSC. Please do visit RSC with your children and apprise them of the principles of Science  and you will see that this will inculcate a feeling of understanding science in children.
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